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Mycelial reed mat

Mycelium, as the overall 'binder' to the Sound and Soil project, is to be grown onto a reed mat. Placed on a substrate that will provide nourishment to the growing Mycelium, the reed mat will hold the form of the Mycelium, so to speak.

The choice of a reed mat in the project is significant: not only does it respectfully acknowledge the relationship of reed mats to indigenous and traditional African healing practices, but it also points to the reed huts of the KhoiKhoi (First Nation Peoples). The huts, made of hand-sewn reed mats placed over a structural frame, was easily dismantled as the KhoiKhoi searched for fresh grazing for their cattle.

In the context of the Sound and Soil project, the Mycelial mat will eventually exist as projected images onto the soil of Steinkopf (Northern Cape) during a live, experimental performance where Nama dancers will be interacting and responding to the metaphor of Mycelium as interconnectedness.

As the Mycelium grows to cover the reed mat, we will be posting images and short videos that will display the growth.

We are looking forward to sharing this with you!


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