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Music. Muses. Mycelium

In the mushroom tunnel where the Mycelium is growing onto a reed mat, something very exciting is happening!

Having installed two mats from the beginning, it is the mat closest to the music that seems happiest. Initially this particular reed mat was struggling to grow and was visibly 'behind' in its growth in comparison to the adjoining mat, but with Nkosenathi Koela's healing and vibrational sounds directly adjacent to it, it would seem that his music is creating the necessary healing it needs.

At first, we weren't sure whether this was a stretch of our imagination or not, but as time has gone by - a week or three - it has become increasingly clear that the proximity of Nkosenathi's vibrations appear to have a profound impact on the sentience of the mycelial process: there is an expanse and extension of its 'tentacles' as it expands across the reed surface and a vibrancy to this process that is absent in the one further away. Of course, the muses to this living process are ever present, and time will tell as the mycelial process finds its own way in the musical darkness.

It is necessary to remember that Mycelium - as a living process - was already present on Earth between 715 and 810 million years ago according to a new study ... a reminder perhaps, of the reverence that connects to what might even be viewed as our collective Elder.

In the video clip below, the slowly spreading mycelial cords or hyphae are visible as they listen to INKUNGU!

[videography by MyMalaika_Photography]

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