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Matting Mycelium

We will be projecting this Mycelial covered reed mat onto the ground surface during our fast-approaching and upcoming performance in Namaqualand, where the Nama Stap Dansers from Steinkopf will be interacting with it. The image depicts the Mycelium that has grown on the second of the three reed mats to which music was consistently played to over a period of six weeks. However, as we did not entice the Mycelium to grow in a particular form (which was a conscious decision) it fanned out along the sides of the space it was housed in. These growth areas were individually photographed and digitally compiled onto the reed mat, as imaged here.

The mat will form a central space within the live and collaborative performance. Other Mycelial images will also be projected onto surrounding rock surfaces, and we will share these with you soon!

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