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Sound and Soil will take place in Steinkopf in the Northern Cape.

Deep within the Northern Cape

The Sound and Soil performance seeks to open up notions of cultural healing between African and Western paradigms within South Africa. The performance is an innovative project that has full potential in creating new narratives around notions of healing. By conjoining visual imagery of Mycelium (a more western approach) to traditional African dances in the rural Northern Cape region, the project coerces two opposing worldviews to marry through dance. For example, could the Nama Ikhapara dance in the Northern Cape - more commonly known as the ‘riel dans'  - be re-imagined?


The underlying explorative intent of Sound and Soil asks: can the African and western paradigm meet within the South African context? And, in coming together it asks the much needed question: could western individualism shift to a more collective and healing African approach?

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